"It's Coming It's Real" - Swans

Meditations on consequence. With harmonies.

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"July 4" - Elliot Moss

Plastic patriotism.

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"Dreamin" - Nardeydey

Haunted pop.

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"Beyond That Courtesy" - Field Music

Politely progressive.

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"Pop Song" - Perfume Genius

Not a pop song.

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"Symmetry" - W. H. Lung

Behold, the Nineties.

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"Flakey" - The Vegan Leather

Stabby guitar pop.

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"Cheap Cuts" - Current Affairs

Noisy indie-adjacent flap-a-long.

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"Pingu" - Biig Piig

Meditative minimalism. With vocoders.

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"Ain't Right" - wåvery

Minimal ballad achieved

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"Lowdown" - SoccerPractise

Pitch-shift pop drop.

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"Little Drummer Boy" - SASAMI

Happy Christmas to you and yours.  See you in the new year.

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"Somebody Else (feat. Andrew Ashong)" - Hector Plimmer

So far behind the beat it's on the front of the next one.

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"We Are Real" - WHY?
An extremely minimal piano thing. 

"Rock & Roll" - NVDES
Shouty not-rock-n-roll.

"Treasures of the Ancient World" - Bodega
Slow burn geography.

"History Has Its Eyes on You" - Mystery Jets
It really does. Get out there and vote people.

"Devils Catflap" - Jerkcurb
Gentle reverb laden longing.

"Crack a Deal" - Aunty Social
Lovely off kilter electronic pop transaction.

"Company" - Fran
Two chords of wonder. (Tempo variable.)

"Full Moon In Gemini" - Vagabon
Gorgeous understated pop lie in.

"Howl" - Alexandra Savior
Lo-fi melancholic synthesis.

"Secretary" - Cate Le Bon & Bradford Cox
Clockwork connectivity ballad.

"Show Me" - Mikal Cronin
Old fashioned done good.

"Jogging" - Richard Dawson
Stream of consciousness slice of life.

"So Modern and so Tight" - Lambchop
You can't teach an old vocoder new tricks.

"Something Has to Change" - The Japanese House
Synthetic stagnation lament.

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