"Wordlessly" - Rose Elinor Dougall

Utterly beautiful, possibly kidnapped from 1973.

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"Dali" - Spill Gold

Alarm clock Rhodes.

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"The Letter" - Steve Adamyk Band

Boppy beep pop punk.

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"Peachy" - Pom Poko

Some peachiness for a sunny morning.

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"stephen" - Lowly

Sublime sparse and oh God I miss Portishead.

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"Laughing Cavalier" - Clinic

A bit of Syd’s ghost shining through here.

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Jazzlite basics.

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"Hourglass" - Big Eyes

I’m only here for the Killers-era Maiden guitars.

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"Jealous Guy" - Sorry

Green-eyed nod-along pop.

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"Letter from Hampi Mountain" - Snapped Ankles

Some of the best distortions committed to tape.

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"Xoxo" - Wand

Gorgeous guitar pop thing, the way Thom and co used to.

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"Terminal Island" - Jelly Boy

A beautiful slice of something that mercifully fades out just before it goes “full country”.

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"Freedom" - Delicate Steve

Putting the “mental” in “crunchpop-guitar-instrumental”.

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"UFOF" - Big Thief
A gentle noisefolk lament.

"Black Light" - The Dream Syndicate
Tiny organ loop FTW.

"Work" - Foxygen
Lo-spec glamour electro.

"The Moon Drips" - Noctorum
Come for the tex-mex twang Bigsby and horns, stay for the harpsichord arps.

"Kamane Tarhanin" - Mdou Moctar
Slinky Afrojam.

"Moonshine" - Lamb
The undiminished baby sheep return to show the kids how it’s done.

"Lose It" - Stats
4 chord earworm chorus alert.

"A Song for My Future Self" - Sundara Karma
A full PopBowie summoning.

"NY Money" - White Denim
Lengthy inflections of a certain Zappa era.

"Bunk" - Grand Pax
Low key wired pop.

"Mon Cheri" - Pavo Pavo
Synth face slink pop.

"No Walls, No Air" - Gum Takes Tooth
Squelch and drums and sinister intent.

"Rolling in Your Wall" - Elsa Hewitt
Electro folk chant.

"Houseplants" - Squid
Plant-based motorik.

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