"I've Got the Numbers" - School of Language

Woke prog funk from 50% of Field Music.

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"I Don't Want to Be Your Love (feat. Dan Bejar)" - Joseph Shabason

Minimalist fuzzy lamentations.

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"Flat White" - Lungbutter

Minimalist dirge coffee rant.

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"Yes! Come Parade with Us" - Leafcutter John

Loves me a squelchy arp.

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"Search Box" - Low Island

Existential pop googling.

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"Born Forlorn" - Aaron Beckum

I don’t normally go for country. This is almost an exception.

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"O Ephraim" - Brad Mehldau

Jazz con squelch. 

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"Pretty Waste" - BONES UK

Industrial faded beauty complex.

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"Belly" - Bells Atlas

Pyschsoul deployment.

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"Sweet Conversation" - Black Pumas

Summery reverb drenched album closer.

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"Let's Never Leave Here" - Death And Vanilla

Dreamy ode to not moving.

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"Hunter (feat. John Mark McMillan)" - RIAYA

Terminator flavoured Björk cover.

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"First of the Tide (feat. Benge)" - Erland Cooper

Lush tales of the sea. Synth arps. Seagulls. 

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"Sardines" - Vilde
Canned slowpop.

"Wordlessly" - Rose Elinor Dougall
Utterly beautiful, possibly kidnapped from 1973.

"Dali" - Spill Gold
Alarm clock Rhodes.

"The Letter" - Steve Adamyk Band
Boppy beep pop punk.

"Peachy" - Pom Poko
Some peachiness for a sunny morning.

"stephen" - Lowly
Sublime sparse and oh God I miss Portishead.

"Laughing Cavalier" - Clinic
A bit of Syd’s ghost shining through here.

Jazzlite basics.

"Hourglass" - Big Eyes
I’m only here for the Killers-era Maiden guitars.

"Jealous Guy" - Sorry
Green-eyed nod-along pop.

"Letter from Hampi Mountain" - Snapped Ankles
Some of the best distortions committed to tape.

"Xoxo" - Wand
Gorgeous guitar pop thing, the way Thom and co used to.

"Terminal Island" - Jelly Boy
A beautiful slice of something that mercifully fades out just before it goes “full country”.

"Freedom" - Delicate Steve
Putting the “mental” in “crunchpop-guitar-instrumental”.

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