"There Is No God But You" - Kathryn Joseph

Lilting, soaring and generally wonderful.

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"Negative Space" - American Nudism

Lo-spec grumblewave from Washington (USA state, not Tyne & Wear). 

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"Never Finds You" - The Washboard Abs

Introspective and beautiful psychpop.

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"Anneal Me" - SiGRÚN

Beautiful, minimalist electronic quasi-folk from multi-instumentalist / singer / composer Sigrún.

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"Surface to Air" - Firefriend

Apologies for the dead air, have been off earning my keep and doing other things. Back now though, with some awesomedirge Brazilian shoegaze because why not.

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"Again" - Numb.er

Noisy, punky, synthy goodness from LA.

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"Ojai" - Bolinas

Dreamy, sun-drenched LA synth pop.

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"Respect" - Aretha Franklin

You don't get another Aretha Franklin. Rest in peace.

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"Roller Disco" - Jonathan Bree

Lazy strings and lamentation of things past. Slightly Pulp-y.

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"Fear & Celebration" - Blood Wine Or Honey

Latin-infused dance music from Hong Kong. Obviously.

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"Highrise" - H E X

Atmospheric, sinister, off-kilter electro from Geneva.

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"Skyline" - Captain Süün
Dirgy Bristolian (Bristolite?) psychsurf.

"Short Court Style" - Natalie Prass
Glittering perfect pop that harks back to a simpler time. (March).

"Cigarette Lighter" - Mellah
Timely, angular pop deployment from Souff Lahndan's Mellah.

"Plastic Hamburgers" - Fantastic Negrito
Good old fashioned blues rock, done good. Ticks all the boxes.

"Tell Me" - Mesadorm
This has been out as a single since late last year, but somehow the agorithms missed it until the album rolled round. Sparse, joyous, dramatic, electronica-y (and occasionally very slightly Björk-ïsh-ësque). 

"Extinct" - Scuba
A lovely techno, of the old school.

"Wot2Do" - Sock
Reverb-drenched fruity psychadelia-twang. From South Wales. Obviously.

"Permanent" - Daniel Blumberg
A fabulously broken and wrong grunge waltz deployment.

"Love Said (Let's Go)" - 77:78
Really not bad for a song that consists entirely of the chord progression from behind the guitar solo in "Light My Fire". 

"Hunan Garden Takeout" - Pan Amsterdam
At last my dual loves of narrative rap and Chinese food meet.

"True Blue" - Islamiq Grrrls & oOoOO
Detuned pianos and dirty twang can't stop this being utterly beautiful.

"One Lung" - Queen Kwong
Sweaty girl punk poet noises.

"1000 Whispers" - Warmduscher
It's basically music for the arrivals lounge in Hell, but I love it.

"Soft Power" - Tropical Fuck Storm
Back from a brief period of soaking up UV, let's kick off with these wonderfully dissonant Melburnians.

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