"Bunk" - Grand Pax

Low key wired pop.

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"Mon Cheri" - Pavo Pavo

Synth face slink pop.

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"No Walls, No Air" - Gum Takes Tooth

Squelch and drums and sinister intent.

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"Rolling in Your Wall" - Elsa Hewitt

Electro folk chant.

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"Houseplants" - Squid

Plant-based motorik.

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"Full Literalism" - Self Defense Family

Borders on country. Accurate re saxophones.

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"No Snare" - Pan Amsterdam & Open Mike Eagle

Min wage browser pref nerd hop.

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"Crazy Energy Night" - Pom Poko

Some slight Deerhoof ambience but from Norway and with considerably upscale guitar soloing.

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The future of Future Sound Of Disco.

Poor little futuresoundofdisco.com is now one year old.

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"The Way to Heaven (feat. M. Remy)" - Dolly Dream

Rakish nostalgia-twang.

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"Apostles' Prom" - Being Dead

Texan high school lovedirge.

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"Starstruck" - Sorry
A fine entry in the "disfunctional norff lahndan pop" genre.

"Drops" - Champagne Dub
Eine kleine electrofunkgristle.

"Bubo" - Bill Baird
Ooo. Looky. Nice Fluke-esque thing here.

"No Future In Our Front Man" - Natalie Prass
Of the many versions of Matthew E. White's Trump-baiting "No Future In Our Frontman" this is my fave.

"All Choked Up" - BRONCHO
The stoned cousin of "In Bloom".

"Heat Ray" - Looptron
In which I blow my own digital simulation of a trumpet.

"Unwind" - J Fernandez
Lo-fi, proggy, hippy, lush and discordant all at the same time.

"Mother" - Haley Heynderickx & Max Garcia Conover
This is apparently farm music. Haunting, beautiful farm music.

"Scattered Hearts in the Parks of Cities" - CLARA-NOVA
What an unbelievably sparse and splendid thing this is.

"Into the Fire" - These New Puritans
Jack and George from Southend-on-Sea would like to get into the soundtrack business.

"Altar (feat. Anna Burch)" - Fred Thomas
I'm still not 100% sure why Fred Thomas isn't a global megastar - very few people write better pop songs*. Maybe this time, eh Fred?

"Takeda No Komoriuta" - Spirit Fest
Gentle Japanese occassional electric folk pop something something.   

"Stop Him" - Honey Hahs
This is genuinely wonderful. Even if it does make me feel. So. Very. Old.

"Horseback" - Majetic
Noisy, melodic bleep madness from New York.

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