"Altar (feat. Anna Burch)" - Fred Thomas

I'm still not 100% sure why Fred Thomas isn't a global megastar - very few people write better pop songs*. Maybe this time, eh Fred?

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"Takeda No Komoriuta" - Spirit Fest

Gentle Japanese occassional electric folk pop something something.   

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"Stop Him" - Honey Hahs

This is genuinely wonderful. Even if it does make me feel. So. Very. Old.

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"Horseback" - Majetic

Noisy, melodic bleep madness from New York.

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"Bellyache" - Yak

This would not have been out of place at the Haçienda.

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"Disarray" - Low

It's difficult to think of a better word than "throbbing".

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"Celia" - Cults

Putting the sinister into synthpop New Wave covers.

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"Heavy Blue" - Rainstorm Brother

Part bigverb piano, part electrofolk noise, all lovely.

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"If I'm Gone Tomorrow (It's Because of Aliens)" - MUNYA

Psychedelia-laced pre break-up space optimism.

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"San' Yago" - Cave

Tasty Chicago Jam.

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"Stay Awake" - Johnny Hostile

Scratchy warble electro swells, done gud. 

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"Taishi-Koto, Pt. 1" - L'Eclair
A not unpleasant amount of soundtrack-y organ.

"Steady State" - Rimarimba
Pulsing lo-fi guitar vs electronicalism and drones. From Felixstowe. Obviously.

"Deterritory" - Young Jesus
It's nice to know someone in LA still makes brainrock.

"In the Middle of the Night" - Still Corners
I mean, someone is probably going to have to write Pink Floyd a cheque at some point but that doesn't mean it's not glorious.

"There Is No God But You" - Kathryn Joseph
Lilting, soaring and generally wonderful.

"Negative Space" - American Nudism
Lo-spec grumblewave from Washington (USA state, not Tyne & Wear). 

"Never Finds You" - The Washboard Abs
Introspective and beautiful psychpop.

"Anneal Me" - SiGRÚN
Beautiful, minimalist electronic quasi-folk from multi-instumentalist / singer / composer Sigrún.

"Surface to Air" - Firefriend
Apologies for the dead air, have been off earning my keep and doing other things. Back now though, with some awesomedirge Brazilian shoegaze because why not.

"Again" - Numb.er
Noisy, punky, synthy goodness from LA.

"Ojai" - Bolinas
Dreamy, sun-drenched LA synth pop.

"Respect" - Aretha Franklin
You don't get another Aretha Franklin. Rest in peace.

"Roller Disco" - Jonathan Bree
Lazy strings and lamentation of things past. Slightly Pulp-y.

"Fear & Celebration" - Blood Wine Or Honey
Latin-infused dance music from Hong Kong. Obviously.

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