There are many good tunes. This is a small selection of new-ish ones that have tickled me in some way. My tastes are eclectic, although lo-fi synth noises, weird time signatures, protracted guitar/sax solos and unexpected key/genre changes will often score high marks with the judges. Which is me.

Descriptions may be short and poorly spelled terse. I don't want to write about songs - I want you to listen to them. This isn't the f**king NME.


My wife teaches and has no time to do anything, let alone hunt for new music.  And apparently it's rude to teach in headphones. But music is kind of our thing and much of our time is spent at gigs wishing bands would come on promptly because some of us have a 5.30am start don't you know.

Me? I work in front of a computer all day where headphones are entirely acceptable, nay encouraged. So I listen to everything and make my wife playlists of the good stuff to listen to on the bus. (Because she's awesome. Did I mention that? Awesome.)

This is sort of the long list of that stuff, minus the delves into 60s psychedelia / 70s ballads / 80s hip hop / 90s grunge the old shit.


Once or twice a day, depending on how busy I am with stuff that actually pays the bills. Sometimes there's nothing for a week. Sometimes there's five in a day.


My meatsack physcially resides in the Modern Urban Utopia of Acton Town, London UK. Virtual presence is at futuresoundofdisco.com (which, unless something has gone wrong, is where you are now), @fsodisco on Twitter and fsodisco on Facebook.


I'm a pro nerd. Building websites is easy. Also, I had the domain name laying around gathering dust.

I buy a lot of domain names drunk.

It's becoming a problem.


Hello, my name is (was? will be?) Looptron.

I really like your crappy little website and it's ongoing prediliction with miserablist scamp Matt Maltese. How can I support you?

That's sweet. This is more of a public service thing, frankly, but if you like it you can always disable your ad blocker, or click on the iTunes or Amazon links and buy music (I've signed up for the affiliate programs). 

But my privacy?! How Orwellian is your deployment?

You'll probably get some tracking cookies from Google AdSense, Amazon and iTunes. By using the site you've agreed to that (yes, you did, there was a clicky thing), but if you disable them everything should still work.

The tunes/videos are YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify mostly and who knows what they do but you're probably already infested with their stuff because YouTube, right?

You don't seem to be taking this very seriously.

Thank you for noticing.

Is that it?


Posted Monday, March 5, 2018.

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"White Rooms and People" - Working Men's Club

"Be An Astronaut" - Declan McKenna

"Od'd in Denver (feat. Matt Sweeney)" - Bill Callahan & Bonnie "Prince" Billy

"Power" - Fas Fash & Les Mills Music

"The Truth is Coming" - Human Barbie

FUTURE SOUND OF DISCO is positively ravenous for new music. All of it. Got a tip? @fsodisco on the twitters.

Est. 2018. Proudly curated in Acton Town.

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FUTURE SOUND OF DISCO is positively ravenous for new music. All of it. Got a tip? @fsodisco on the twitters.

Est. 2018. Proudly curated in Acton Town.

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